Yong Tau Foo


Quick Facts:

  • Chinese soup dish popular in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Means stuffed bean curd-because it is tofu stuffed with meat or fish
  • Can include vegetables such as bitter gourd which is stuffed with fish
  • Other precooked items such as fish balls, crab sticks and cuttlefish are also included in the broth
  • Can add noodles or rice vermicelli to your soup


Eating Yong Tau Foo is like eating a soup buffet.  You select the food items you want in your soup, hand it to the chef and he cooks it for you.


It is healthy, delicious and reasonably priced.  A good comfort food especially on cool rainy days in the tropics.

It is fairly easy to prepare especially if there is an Asian grocery store by you because most of the ingredients are precooked and frozen.  So the only real preparation you would have to do is to make a broth which is quite easy.  Here is an easy recipe.

What do you think of  Yong Tao Foo?  Does this sound like something you would make at home?

10 comments to Yong Tau Foo

  • jean baldridge yates  says:

    this looks so delicious I want to jump right into my computer and have that whole bowl! thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us! jean :)

    • Lila  says:

      You’re most welcome. I think the picture looks really delicious too and I plan on trying to make this dish this weekend. It looks easy and delicious-all good qualities in my book. :)

  • Raquel  says:

    I would love to make that at home. Looks like an amazing comfort food, a rare healthy comfort, for me, having grown up in the South where butter is a synonymous word for comfort.

    • Lila  says:

      I know what you mean about comfort food and butter! I am a sucker for fried foods too. :/ Try this dish the next time you have an inkling for some comfort food-it is healty, delicious and easy to prepare. All winning combinations. :)

  • Courtney Turner (@mauijungalow)  says:

    Found your lovely comment in my “comments folder” on blogger, but it didn’t show up on Disqus, the default comments plug in that I use. It also isn’t visible to me on the blog. Thank you! It was on the post about Hawaiian pidgin.

    What an interesting soup. I may even have eaten it before. It looks yummy.

    Maui Jungalow

    • Lila  says:

      No worries! I just revamped my blog and it is on a self hosted site and I am struggling trying to understand all the technical aspects of web design. Thankfully for me I have a fantastic blogger Yeison Kim-from mytanfeet.com helping me so it has made the transition easier. I would definitely encourage anyone in need of technical help to reach out to Yeison. :)
      This is a yummy and healthy soup and I highly recommend it if you ever get a chance to try it.

  • Calli  says:

    Looks delicious! Definitely my idea of comfort food :)

    • Lila  says:

      It’s good and healthy comfort food. Thank you for stopping by and I have really enjoyed discovering all the fabulous travel blogs through the A-Z challenge. :)

  • Corinne  says:

    I’ve never had this…I don’t think. The problem for me is I don’t know the names of everything, I just point…it looks delicious!

    • Lila  says:

      When in doubt, eat what the locals eat! That’s the philosophy I follow which makes pointing and selecting ideal. :)

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