Thai Sapa Zion

My daughter and I visited Zion National Park in Utah a few weeks ago.  Zion is an easy 2.5 hr drive from Las Vegas.  We had a great time at Zion and tried the local Thai restaurant during our trip.

Thai Sapa Zion is owned by Tung and Dennis who thought of the concept while living in the hill tribe or Sapa region of  Vietnam.  The restaurant is very zen; with an aesthetically soothing decor and atmosphere.

It is located just outside the entrance to Zion National Park and sits calmly and quietly amidst the majestic mountains.  I especially appreciate that the owners did not succumb to kitschy decor that sometimes plague tourist establishments.

It is a small and intimate place.  Reservations are highly recommended for larger parties.  We dined early around 6 pm and the restaurant was very busy by the time we left at 7:30 pm.  There is plenty of parking but it is located at such a convenient location that many of the diners we met opted to walk the very pleasant and beautiful route to the restaurant.



Chicken Satay

The satay had a strong curry flavor.  The accompanying cucumber and onion pickle was nicely seasoned in a rice vinegar sauce .  I only wish that they had provided a larger serving of the peanut sauce.


Chicken Pad Thai

The noodles were cooked to the proper consistency.  The dish was sweet and spicy and had a distinct peanut and fish sauce flavor .

Chicken Panang Curry

This is the regular red Thai curry with cream.  It was a smooth, sweet curry which was mildly spicy.  It was refreshing to eat a curry with the vegetables (broccoli, red pepper and zucchini) cooked correctly i.e. not mushy.


Fried Bananas with a chocolate sauce

Sweet ripe bananas deep fried in a coconut-flour batter and topped with vanilla ice cream and a fantastically gooey chocolate sauce.


The service at the restaurant was excellent.  Our server was very friendly and knowledgeable.  The quality of the food was good and the atmosphere was simply lovely.  Most entrees average about $20.  Our dinner was very enjoyable and a most pleasant and restful way to end our terrific day at Zion national park.

Thai Sapa Zion prides itself in using local, organic and GMO free produce whenever possible.  The restaurant promotes an environmentally friendly and conservation focused policy which is very apropos when you consider their location and proximity to one of the nation’s prettiest national parks.

It is so easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip when you visit.  Tourists tend to forget that there is so much to do outside the city.  Many visitors don’t take advantage of the extraordinary natural sights that are all within a relatively short distance from the strip.

I can wax poetic about Zion national park and still not adequately describe how stunning it is.  I hope you will enjoy the following pictures which can only provide a glance of how magnificent this glorious space is.

I know this is a restaurant review but the story would have been incomplete without pictures of the fantastic scenery.