Siam Garden Thai Restaurant

Siam Garden Thai restaurant is located in N Las Vegas and is a popular spot for the military personnel who work close by at Nellis Air Force Base.  

It is in a small strip mall where the stores are closely packed together so you may have difficulty spotting it immediately.

It is a very casual place with limited seating so get there early especially for lunch.  There is limited parking and I would suggest you carpool especially if you plan on dining as a group.



Pad Woon Sen (Clear Noodle)

Clear noodles stir fried with eggs and vegetables

Siam Garden Pad Woon Sen

Clear noodles also known as cellophane noodles or Chinese vermicelli are a type of transparent noodles which are traditionally made from mung bean starch.  They are sold in a dried form and reconstitute as transparent noodles when boiled.  They can be used in soups, spring rolls or stir fried noodles.

I like the consistency of the clear noodles.  They are delicate and chewy and are a nice break from traditional dried Chinese noodles which many of you maybe familiar with as Ramen!

The Pad Woon Sen had a light citrus flavor which combined nicely with the soy sauce base.  I like lots of eggs in my stir fried noodles so I really enjoyed this dish.

Pad Thai

Rice noodles stir fried with pork, eggs, scallions, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and carrots in a homemade sauce.

Siam Garden Pad Thai

Of course this is the noodle dish which is universally associated with Thai cuisine here in N America.  It is the perfect lunch plate because it is packed with all your proteins and vegetables in one very neat and satisfying package.  This Pad Thai was a tad more sour than sweet but overall was well cooked and flavored.

Spicy Tilapia (Whole Fish)

Deep fried Tilapia topped with a stir fried red chilli sauce with bell peppers, onions and basil.

Siam Garden Spicy Tilapia

A whole fish is how fish entrees are usually served in Asia.  The waitress checked to make sure that I understood that the fish was going to come “whole with the head and everything”!  I really liked this dish.

There is something satisfying in eating a whole fish and call me crazy but I think this dish is just more tasty when the fish is cooked whole rather than as fillets.  It was also a smaller fish so that might have something to do with the enhanced fish flavor.  The sweet and rather spicy red chilli sauce complemented the crispy fish quite nicely.


Siam Garden

Their motto is “put some spice in your life” and they pride themselves in their ability to cook extremely spicy food.  All entrees are made to order and amateurs can order a spicy level from 1-5 but spicy connoisseurs can try the super level from 6-15.  They also have a wall of fame for those who are adventurous enough to take on the restaurant’s spicy challenge.

Great service with good and very reasonably priced food.  Most entrees are under $10 and they serve lunch specials.  They offer military and first responders discounts and my terrific lunch there certainly highlighted why this eatery is so popular with the Nellis AFB  folks.