Pho Thanh Huong

Pho Thanh Huong Vietnamese restaurant is located in a medium sized strip mall which is flanked on one side by Vons supermarket and grocery store.  

The building it is located in is appropriately called University Plaza, because it is across the street from UNLV (University of Las Vegas).

Pho Thanh Huong is a casual restaurant.  It is brightly lit and clean and I like the modern cafe atmosphere they have created.  There is plenty of parking and we went there for dinner on a Friday night and were seated immediately.  All descriptions were taken from the restaurant menu.



Fried Pork Eggrolls

Pork Egg rolls


Banh Tam Bi

Thick vermicelli mixed with coconut cream with grilled shrimp, grilled pork, and shredded pork skin.

Banh Tam Bi

Banh Mi Thit Cha Sandwich

Vietnamese ham, cold cuts, and pork pate.

Banh mi thit cha


Taro Boba

taro boba


This casual restaurant really delivers as they say a bang for your buck!  All the food was well prepared and arrived hot and expediently.

The eggrolls were crispy and not greasy.  The noodles were well cooked and seasoned and the coconut cream added a sweet and surprisingly good addition to the fish sauce-rice vinegar dressing.

The Banh Mi or sandwich was my favorite.  The baguettes are baked fresh onsite.  They are really well made baguettes; true to their French origin in texture and flavor.  The Vietnamese ham and pork pate were well seasoned and the accompanying sauce complemented the whole sandwich very nicely and made it a truly satisfying meal.

The taro boba drinks were creamy, sweet, cold and perfect for our hot summer nights.  

I am a taro boba connoisseur and trust me, Pho Thanh Huong’s is definitely worth trying!

The service was excellent.  The help staff were very helpful and attentive.  They have a fairly large menu consisting of noodles, rice plates and sandwiches.  Most entrees are around $10 and the average sandwich only cost $3.25.  They are open 7 days a week from 10am-10pm.