Malaya Restaurant Atlanta

I have had a very busy summer.  My husband is a soccer fanatic and we follow the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) games.  We traveled around the nation in July to support the team in the 2015 Gold Cup tournament.  We traveled to Kansas City, Dallas, Boston, Baltimore and Atlanta for the games and ended our visit with a side trip to New York.


Unfortunately, the USMNT were unsuccessful in defending the Gold Cup.  They were the 2013 winners and lost in the quarter final match.  Mexico won the 2015 Gold Cup.  It was a frustrating tournament all around, not just for the US fans but especially for the team who were criticized for their lackluster performance.

We still love them and it will certainly take more than one loss to dissuade us, considering that we have traveled and supported them through 5 World Cups, multiple WC qualifying matches, tournaments and friendlies.  Hah!  I think my hubby will be immensely impressed at my adept use of soccer lingo!

I tried to combine some blog work with my travels and got to try some Malaysian food at the Malaya restaurant in  Atlanta.   The Malaya Restaurant Atlanta is located in the suburbs, in the Howell Mill Village which is an area close to large shopping complexes.  The restaurant is in a small strip mall. Our Uber ride cost $15 from downtown Atlanta.  The food descriptions below were taken from the restaurant menu.


Roti Canai (Malaysian flat bread)

roti canai

The vegetarian curry was a little bland and the frozen roti canai was grilled perfectly.  How did I know it was frozen?  It was perfectly round which is an impossible feat to accomplish with fresh handmade roti canais.  Also, I have prepared frozen roti canais at home, so I recognize the texture and taste of the frozen product.


Beef Rendang

Authentic and aromatic, slowly cooked pot roast, spicy dry Malaysian curry beef, garnished with Malaysian spicy pickles.

beef rendang

This was highly recommended by the waitress.  This traditional Malay curry was well seasoned and the meat was tender but it lacked the rich and deep flavor that is developed when this dish is braised properly.

K.L. Mee Goreng (fried noodles)

Traditional Malaysian stir fried noodle in tomato and chili sauce with tofu, bean sprout, chicken and shrimp.

The noodles were mushy.  The tomato and chili sauce overwhelmed the dish.


The service was really good.  Our waitress was very helpful and friendly.  The prices were very reasonable and most entrees are under $10.  They also serve lunch specials which are all priced at $7.25.  They deliver within the Atlanta area.

We were in Atlanta for a short time and I chose the Malaya Restaurant Atlanta based on online reviews.

I really wanted to like this restaurant but I fear that they maybe showing their age.  The restaurant used to be owned by a Malaysian family and was subsequently sold to a Chinese family, which would account for the very large Chinese menu.  They also have a large number of Thai entrees.

This is certainly a case of someone trying to do too many things at the same time.  I only tried the Malaysian portion of the menu and the dishes lacked genuineness and was diluted by Chinese flavorings.

Sometimes bigger is really not necessarily better and you really cannot be all things to all people.