King and I Las Vegas

This past Valentine’s Day, my husband and I decided to visit the King and I Las Vegas Thai restaurant in the suburb of Summerlin.  The King and I came highly recommended by some good friends of ours who live close to it.

It is located in an area called The Lakes in Summerlin which is exactly as described; a community surrounding an artificial lake with a shoreline and docks.  The restaurant is located in a small strip mall which is tucked just south of Sahara Avenue in the circular drive surrounding Lake Sahara.

It is a small and cozy restaurant; very much a family owned business in atmosphere and philosophy.  In short the very best kind of restaurants in my opinion.  There are plenty of parking spots and I highly recommend that you make reservations for a large party.



Almond Chicken

almond chicken

This is strictly not a Thai dish.  More Chinese in origin but it is one of my hubby’s favorite so we decided to try it and it was just fabulous.  Cooked with fried minced garlic and shallots and topped with crunchy toasted almonds, I must admit I was most pleasantly surprised by how the King and I elevated this most basic of dishes.

The King and I offers Chinese and Thai dishes on it’s menu.  I am always skeptical of restaurants that try to do too many varieties.  Can you do every dish on your menu well?  I didn’t try all the dishes but I can tell you that the Almond Chicken most definitely showcased the adept range of the King and I’s resident chef.

Pork Pad See Ewe

pad see ewe

This is a comfort dish for me and a must try at all Thai restaurants that I visit.  I can honestly say that I never get tired of this dish and am constantly surprised at all the variations I have tried from the local food hawkers in Bangkok to upscale Thai restaurants around the nation.

The King and I’s version was really, really nice.  The noodles were cooked to a perfect al dente consistency and as my hubby described had a buttery taste.  Smooth, not too oily and I suspect they used lard which gives an amazing flavor to stir fried Asian dishes that simply cannot be replicated by vegetable oil.

A good pad see ewe should have the subtle caramelized flavor that comes from sweet soy sauce and this one did not disappoint.  The ladies that run the hawker stalls in Bangkok would be proud at how well this dish is represented here.

Chicken Panang Curry

panang curry

A curry that is sauteed with kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers, coconut milk and peanut butter sauce.  We requested this in a medium spiciness level.  It was just a really smooth curry.  Smooth in the sense that the flavors were just so well balanced.  Smooth in consistency which meant they used good quality coconut milk which had a rich cream content and this gave the curry a winning sweet and spicy taste.


Frozen Chocolate Cherry Truffle

The King and I offered free dessert to all the diners because it was Valentine’s Day!  The chocolate truffle was rich and decadent and provided a very nice ending to a most enjoyable experience.


I was so impressed with this little gem of a Thai restaurant.  It has a casual cafe appearance but the food and service is anything but casual.  The waiters were very knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful.  The quality of the food was simply outstanding and this comes as no surprise when you find out that the family has been in the restaurant industry for over thirty years in Denver and Las Vegas.

Make no mistake though.  This is clearly the neighborhood Asian restaurant.  It is popular with locals and you can see how much they appreciate not just the fantastic food but especially the extraordinary service.  The patrons and owners are on a first name basis and clearly enjoy each other’s company.

On the evening that we were there; a customer needed help to read the smaller print on the menu and lo and behold, the owners produced a magnifying glass!  Now that IS customer service and all provided with a smile.  Almost all entrees are under $15 and they have a nice variety on their menu.  They also offer free delivery within the neighborhood and some surrounding areas.

Valentine's Day

This was the 28th Valentine’s Day celebration for my husband and I and we were so happy to have spent it at this delightful restaurant.  The King and I is not fancy and chocked full of bells and whistles but rather like a good long term relationship; it is consistent, attentive and produces the best surprises when you least expect it.