Filipino cuisine in Las Vegas


Seafood City Supermarket
3890 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119

This is an ode to my sweet and kind Filipino friend Jasmin.  We met to eat on the rainiest week in Las Vegas and it created all sorts of havoc. Traffic accidents on the interstate and the access road and I was an hour late!

I discovered the delightful Seafood City Supermarket by accident while I was looking for a lunch venue.  It is in a regular strip mall which doesn’t look extraordinary from the outside but wait till you step inside.  It is a miniature Manila!

There is a food court featuring popular Filipino fast food chains, travel and phone services and a gigantic Filipino grocery store.  I had stumbled upon the best way to eat every day Filipino food on the cheap.

We started at the Chowking or the self-proclaimed “biggest Chinese fast food chain in the Philippines“.  We ordered the Arroz Caldo which is essentially rice porridge or gruel.

There are multiple names for this popular dish in Asia and many will recognize its Chinese name; Congee.   The arroz caldo came with a side of sliced pork, fried tofu and green onions and was topped with boiled eggs and fried shallots.


The congee was warm, tasty and perfect for a cold and rainy day.  I squeezed fresh lime juice over the congee as is traditionally done in the Philippines and I must say, it really elevates and adds a yummy twist to this humble dish.

We also tried their siopao or steamed barbecue bun which is a little spicier than the traditional Chinese hanbaos I am used to eating.


Next we tried the Pancit Palabok from the Red Ribbon Bakeshop; which is a very popular and large bakery chain in the Philippines.

Pancit Palabok is a rice noodle dish which is traditionally cooked in a shrimp sauce and this one was topped with crushed pork rinds!  I added the fresh lime juice again and Voila-suddenly my taste buds experience an exciting golden, crispy and tangy party!

Filipinos are onto a good thing!  Fresh lime juice is a really great compliment to salty Asian dishes.  Try it on your next bowl of Asian noodles-you won’t regret it!


We also tried the Jollibee which is a popular Filipino burger and fried chicken chain.  We had the classic original recipe 2 piece Chickenjoy meal-thigh and leg with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.  The fried chicken was crispy but a tad dry and salty.

I lived in the deep South in the US for 8 years and if there is one cuisine the South does well, it is fried chicken so I know fried chicken and I was a bit disappointed in this bland tasting fried chicken.  Did something get lost in the American translation of this Filipino recipe?


Thankfully, we ended on a high note with halo-halo from the Jollibee.  Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, sweet beans,fruit and topped with taro ice cream and flan.

The combination is eclectic but genius and the taste is simply sweet, heavenly deliciousness.


It was a great ending to a fun excursion with a good and patient friend so Thank You or Salamat Jasmin and I look forward to many more culinary adventures with you!

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