Downtown Container Park: Las Vegas

707 E. Fremont St.
Las VegasNV 89101
Phone: (702) 869-9848
Downtown Container Park opened in Las Vegas in November 2013.  It is part of the $350 million downtown revitalization project that is spearheaded by Zappos’ CEO Tony Hshieh.
There is a giant metal praying mantis that greets visitors as you enter the Container Park. Hsieh bought it from the Burning Man Festival and sometimes, giant flames will shoot out of it’s antenna at night.

The Container Park is made up of 30 reconstructed shipping containers and 41 modular metal cubes.  Each container measures about 250 square feet and they can all be reconfigured into different formations for multiple purposes.
There is a playground at the center of the park and a shipping container was converted into a 30 ft tree house with multiple slides.

CP5 The Container Park is built around the idea of sustainability and this is exhibited throughout the structure from the specially designed green areas to the recomposting bins.

The Park is made up of small businesses which consists of retail boutiques, art galleries and eateries.  Here is a highlight of some of the businesses at the Park.

Winky Designs

…is a retail store which sells specialized watches.  Winky Wu, a former Wall Street executive founded  Winky Designs in her NYC apartment in 2011. CP6 She saw that there was a market for good quality, affordable and fashionable watches and launched the business with her own start up money.  Winky who is originally from Toronto, moved to Las Vegas in 2013.     


Their signature icon themed watches.


CP10 Winky Designs has expanded and also makes clutches, scarves, belts and a more elegant line of semi precious stone bracelet watches.

Store associate Robin, says that it  has been exciting to see the Container Park grow from a dirt pile to a vibrant family and local oriented destination.   Robin credits a large part of the store’s success at Container Park to Hshieh’s support for local businesses.

For more information about Winky Designs please click here.

Lead In The Window

…is a stained glass art studio which is co-owned by Mya Daily and Ellisha Haddix.   Mya has been a stained glass artist for 15 years and taught Ellisha the craft and together they create all the stained glass pieces in their store.

They specialize in custom orders and also give private lessons on stain glass making. CP12 Ellisha says that she really enjoys the environment or vibe at the Container Park.  The life music, family atmosphere during the day and the 50/50 mix of locals and travelers makes the Park a fun and vibrant place to work. CP25 Here is a custom order piece they made for Bin 702 which is the wine bar at the Container Park.

For more information about Lead In The Window, please click here.

Lil’ Art Bodega

…specializes in graffiti art and is owned by Tanya Watler who is from Harlem.  She does graphic design, illustrations, paintings and murals by commission.

The store also sells specialty art supplies.  Tanya says her store is a showcase of Harlem and Vegas mixed in artwork. CP15 For more information on Lil’ Art Bodega please click here.

Cupkates by Kate

…is a bakery that is owned by the brother and sister team of Will and Kate Thompson who are from Las Vegas.  There is an oven on site so everything is baked fresh daily.  They offer different flavored cupcakes for the different seasons and will be offering a lot of fruity flavors for the summer.

CP16 Their specialty is the mini dozen which are 6 different flavored mini cupcakes which sell for $12. They also offer chocolate chip cookie sandwiches which have a cream cheese filling and are half dipped in milk chocolate.

They hope to expand services and start offering tea parties on the premise soon. CP17 Courtney from Cupkates enjoys working at the Container Park because of  the wonderful sense of community and great environment.

For more information about Cupkates,  please click here.

Pinches Tacos

…is a Mexican restaurant which also has locations in California.  The Pinche Anaya family are originally from Michoacan, Mexico and their motto is “Real Mexican Food by Real Mexicans”. CP18 They specialize in tacos and also offer a wide array of different Mexican staples such as burritos, enchiladas, and taquitos on their menu.  Most entrees are under $10. CP20 For more information on Pinches Tacos, please click here.

Trikke Las Vegas

…offers an eco friendly way to explore downtown Las Vegas on Trikke electric Carving Vehicles.  They have electric and body power vehicles.  The slogan for their vehicle is “Drives like a sports car.  Folds like an umbrella.”

They offer a wide range of tours starting at $35 for a 1/2 hr which allows you to zip through the many attractions in downtown Las Vegas via the bike lanes and sidewalks. CP21 Anne Welch from Trikke Las Vegas likes that the Container Park is focused on start ups and local entrepreneurs.  Anne appreciates the visibility and connectedness to the downtown community and sees it as one of the best benefits of being part of the development.

For more information on Trikke of Las Vegas please click here.

A giant stage for live events dominate one end of the container park and entertainment is offered daily.

The Container Park is patrolled by the Downtown Rangers which is a free street level concierge service.  Rangers operate in teams of two and are available for people who want directions and need advice about places to visit.  

Rangers are armed with tiny body cameras and work closely with Metro Police but are not involved in the handling of police matters.

The Container Park is open from M-F: 9 am-11 pm and Sat & Sun: 9-1 am.  Admission is free.


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