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Just Food: Malaysia

JF 1a This is a pictorial post of some of the wonderful food I tasted in Malaysia.  I was in Malaysia for Chinese New Year and got to watch a Chinese Lion Dance in Kuching, Sarawak which brought lots of good childhood memories back for me.  A big Thank You to my sister Shanti and her Read more [...]Read More

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

sarawak+borneo+adventure+iban+people[1] I am originally from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia which is on the island of Borneo.  Kuching was colonized by James Brooke; who was given the city by the then Sultan Of Brunei, after defeating an uprising by a local chief in 1841.  James became Rajah Brooke or King Brooke and he and his family ruled Read more [...]Read More

Breakfast in Malaysia I have been in Malaysia for about a week visiting family and friends. It is so nice to be in Malaysia again after 5 years and I know that coming to Malaysia means that I will be eating lots and well. The different cultures in Malaysia makes for a wide array of cuisine and choice. My first Read more [...]Read More