Breakfast in Malaysia

I have been in Malaysia for about a week visiting family and friends.



It is so nice to be in Malaysia again after 5 years and I know that coming to Malaysia means that I will be eating lots and well.

The different cultures in Malaysia makes for a wide array of cuisine and choice. My first morning starts with Malaysian southern Indian or “mamak” cuisine.

mamak stall

mamak stall2

 First up is roti canai.  How do I describe roti canai? I could write an ode to roti canai alone and it still wouldn’t be enough. Roti canai is to Malaysians what the croissant is to the French.

roti canai

Roti canai is an Indian roti or flat bread which Malaysians have made their own. Made with clarified butter, it is soft, buttery, flaky and just absolutely heavenly when eaten with the traditional fish curry, dhal (lentil curry) and sambar(stewed condiment).

It is traditionally eaten for breakfast but many people also eat it for the other meals of the day or even as a snack.

Next on the menu is thosai, rice flour crepe filled with a spicy potato filling which was also served with the mentioned curries.


We then tackle the idli which is a southern indian steamed rice cake served with two types of chutneys and a sambar.


We end with putu mayam which is steamed rice vermicelli served with grated coconut and date palm sugar.


Of course if you are in Malaysia, you have to eat breakfast with “teh tarik” or pulled tea which is hot tea sweetened with condensed milk and prepared by a  beautiful technique where the tea is poured at great heights from one cup to another to make it frothy and a more drinkable temperature.

teh tarik

All these food just for breakfast and in my defense, the portions were small! Mostly though, as a food blogger I feel that I can’t do a restaurant justice if I just try one dish (I know-tough assignment!) so I always forewarn my dining companions to bring a hearty appetite and an adventurous palette.

So if you’re reading this and there is a particular dish in your region that is a must try, please comment and let me know and I will definitely make an effort to taste it or we can even try it together when I am in your neck of the woods!

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  • The Brunette  says:

    How fun for you to be “home.” Was there a sports bar to hang out at and watch the Super Bowl?

    • foreignfeasts  says:

      Football is to Asia as bdminton is to America! I was able to read about the ads and game online so it’s all good!

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