Black Bear Diner Las Vegas


Black Bear Diner
6180 W  Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 368-1077

Breakfast and brunch are some of my favorite foods.  A friend and I decided to check out the Black Bear Diner on Tropicana Ave.  We head there on a Friday morning and are seated immediately but business is brisk and I suspect that there are probably long waits on weekends.

It is homey and cozy inside.  Wooden tables and chairs, plaid fabrics and lots and lots of bears; bear murals, carved wooden bears, toy stuffed bears perching on shelves and rafters as befitting the diner’s name.

I start with the Hungry Man Breakfast; you know the humongous man-sized platters that are a throwback to grub that real men ate while working on the farm.

I am not a man nor working on a farm but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, all in the name of research!


This is the NY Steak and Eggs platter ($11.99) which comes with a 10 oz steak, 3 eggs, a side of country red potatoes and 2 homemade biscuits.  I ask for the biscuits to be topped with gravy.

The portions are huge but more importantly it is spot on, delicious and certainly lives up to its reputation of good country cooking.

The steak is cooked to a perfect medium rare as requested, the eggs over easy are excellent, the cubed country red potatoes are made even more tasty by the addition of fine diced onions and the biscuits, oh the biscuits…

The biscuits are buttery, soft, heavenly and the smothering of rich, creamy gravy simply completes them.



I also ordered a side of sweet cream buttermilk pancakes ($4.99) because every self-respecting diner has to serve pancakes for breakfast and these certainly do not disappoint.   They are sweet, light, fluffy and melt in your mouth goodness.



Our final order is their homemade classic bear claw ($4.99).  I have only ever tasted bear claws in doughnut shops and I am telling you this is not your regular bear claw.

It is delicious, flaky puff pastry filled with cinnamon sugar and topped with vanilla frosting and toasted almonds.



The Black Bear Diner also offers smaller portions and healthier choices on their menu and have an extensive selection of lunch and dinner items.

I enjoyed my outing here tremendously.  My husband is from Montana and I went to school in Oregon and some of my best vacation memories are eating with family and friends in small country diners.

Black Bear Diners are a small chain but they have managed to retain the best aspects of small rural restaurants; warm, friendly and attentive service and good country cooking at great prices.



p.s. I could only finish 1/4 of what I ordered so I guess I am not as ready for those Hungry man platters as I thought I was!  It was definitely worth the try.
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