Penang Bethesda

Penang Bethesda

As many of you know, my hubby is a US Men’s National Soccer Team super fan.  We try to attend as many of their games (nationally and internationally) as possible. Two weeks ago we traveled to Washington, DC …

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Pho Thanh Huong

Pho Thanh Huong Vietnamese restaurant is located in a medium sized strip mall which is flanked on one side by Vons supermarket and grocery store.  

The building it is located in is appropriately called University Plaza, because it is across …

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Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

I had the delightful pleasure of reviewing Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen for lunch with a good friend recently.

According to the menu, Nittaya started her restaurant to showcase the secret family recipes from her home country of Thailand.

You get a …

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Sakina Thai

I visited the Sakina Thai restaurant last week with my husband.  

I pass Sakina Thai on an almost daily basis and am always intrigued by the giant “halal Thai food” sign outside.

I am originally from Malaysia which has a …

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O is for Orange Marmalade

I have a weakness for sweet preserves but then again, this probably is no surprise since I have been writing mostly about sweets.

I grew up in Malaysia and we always just had store bought jam.

I didn’t realize how …

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Fish Head Curry

What?  Fish Head Curry you say?  

Well, to the uninitiated, fish head curry is one of the signature dishes that is available in Malaysia and Singapore.

This fish curry originated in the Kerala region of India and it was adulterated …

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