Welcome and thank you for visiting SEAsia Eats!  I am Lila, a forty something mom who lives in Las Vegas. I am originally from Malaysia and I came to the US for college and settled here after I met my husband.

Malaysia Wedding

Malaysian Wedding 1992


I have traveled extensively and am very fortunate to have visited 66 countries and lived on 3 continents.

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UNESCO sites


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I have always dreamed of writing and now that my girls are teenagers, I find myself at the perfect juncture to pursue my dream of writing about one of my passions-food!

Food is such an integral part of my life and childhood.   My fondest memories growing up are those spent in the kitchen helping and watching my mother cook.

My mother was a fantastic cook and came from a long line of excellent cooks.  You could say that being a good cook was a requisite for the women in my family!

Malaysia has a long and rich food tradition which is very much thriving and constantly evolving.  It is a multicultural country which is made up of 3 main racial groups-the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

There are also several Indigenous tribes that live in Malaysia but for the most part, most of the local cuisine is defined by the 3 dominant groups.

Malaysian food

Malaysian food


I consider myself the ideal ambassador for Malaysian and essentially Southeast Asian cuisine.  I am Chinese and was adopted by an Indian family in Malaysia so you could say that I truly had a multicultural childhood.

My mom cooked classic Malaysian dishes with simple and basic ingredients.  I learned the fundamentals of cooking from her, and this gave me a discerning palate and appreciation for good food.

If you can’t make good food out of basic ingredients then you’re no cook and what you’re cooking is probably not worth eating!  This forms the premise of my restaurant and food reviews.  Can the food stand up by itself?  Do the accouterments add or take away from the essence of the dish?  How good or authentic are the basics?

I love hole in the wall, mom and pop and locally owned restaurants and cafes.  If you want good food, go where the locals eat and this is one of the aims of my blog.

Turkey and Uruguay

Turkey and Uruguay


Local Southeast Asian restaurant reviews either from me or uploaded by YOU (!)- my readers, easy SEAsian recipes, cooking classes and food tours will be highlighted here.

Southeast Asian cuisine is more than just curries and noodles and I would be delighted if you would join me on this journey of exploration.  Come see how Southeast Asia eats!