Hello World!

Hey World!  It’s me, Lila.  I am a forty something mom living in Las Vegas and I am about to start traveling and writing.  You see, this is my inaugural post and I am a little nervous about throwing my thoughts out there.  I am by nature opinionated and passionate so presenting opinions shouldn’t be a problem right?  But something about seeing my thoughts in print makes them seem so much more final and definitive.

I am also a big believer that if you do throw out an opinion then you better be ready to defend it so with that premise, I promise to always write passionately and candidly about what I am seeing and experiencing.  It may not always be pretty but I promise you it will be honest and real.

I am getting ready to start a personal journey around the world.  It’s going to take a little time because I have to do that pesky thing called daily living in between.

I want to explore travel through food in my blog.  Everyday food for everyday people because if you can’t make good food out of cheap and basic ingredients then you’re no cook and what you’re cooking is probably not worth eating!

I have travelled fairly extensively so I know a little about foreign cuisine and feasts.  To date I have visited 66 countries and lived in 3 continents.  I am getting ready for my big solo trip to Asia in January.  I will be visiting Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Korea. In between my travels, I hope to explore the many varieties of foods that are available in my crazy and exciting city of Las Vegas.

I am originally from Malaysia so I come from a naturally food rich culture.  Malaysia is a multicultural country which is made up of 3 main racial groups-the Malays, Chinese and Indians. There are also several Indigenous tribes that live in Malaysia but for the most part, most of the local cuisine is defined by the 3 main racial groups.  Malaysian cuisine has morphed into a conglomerate of all 3 cultures.  An Indian roti you consume in Malaysia is quite different from it’s counterpart in India.  In Malaysia, the indian paratha has evolved into the quintessential, wonderfully delicious slice of buttery heaven called the roti canai. (More on this subject later.)

Stepping out to eat in Malaysia is like a foray into an infinite universe of delightful and tantalizing goodies. With this history and connection to food plus an insatiable appetite for adventure, I can’t wait to see what is lying just round the corner for me.

Hey you out there!  What’s happening?  What are you eating?  What are you celebrating? May I join you?  I want to celebrate what you’re celebrating, laugh and dance with you.  I don’t just want to observe, I want to participate.

11 comments to Hello World!

  • Jennifer  says:

    looking forward to reading more whist living vicariously through your adventures! have a bite or two for me…

  • Lonnie Alcaida-North  says:

    So excited for you Lila! I have no doubts in your capabilities as a writer/blogger. Will be fun following your journey and living it through your words. Awesome!

    • foreignfeasts  says:

      Thank you! I am excited and a little nervous about this new undertaking.

      • edibletcetera  says:

        You’re welcome! And any nerves will quickly pass. I remember before hitting ‘Publish’ for the very first time, I broke out into a cold sweat …I’ve posted 168 blogs since August 2010 – and it now feels as normal a part of my life as making coffee first thing in the morning. You write very well…but the most important thing is to have FUN with it! :)

  • edibletcetera  says:

    I’m looking forward to this – I love to learn about different cultures and food from all corners of the world – best of luck on your travels and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! 😉

  • Carra  says:

    Get it girl! Can’t wait to keep up with your blog :)

    • foreignfeasts  says:

      Thank You for your kind words and support girlfriend! You can sign up to subscribe to the blog if you like. :)

  • Sarah Phang  says:

    Hi,Lila,I just got here.
    Will be catching up on your yummy yummy food and your journey in Asia here. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.
    Great way to start your blog,cheers!

    • foreignfeasts  says:

      So glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for your kind words and support! :)

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