P is for Palak Paneer

divyascookbook.com Spinach is probably not the most popular as far as vegetables go.  I mean, who can really compete with red or yellow bell peppers (show offs), carrots, tomatoes, potatoes (!) or sweet corn for God's sake? Let's face it, aside from Popeye, there are not too many people who will profess such affection Read more [...]Read More

O is for Orange Marmalade

angelaaurelio.com I have a weakness for sweet preserves but then again, this probably is no surprise since I have been writing mostly about sweets. I grew up in Malaysia and we always just had store bought jam. I didn't realize how amazingly good fresh jams and jellies could be until I went to college in Oregon and Read more [...]Read More

N is for Nasi

seasaltwithfood.com I enjoy learning phrases from different countries whenever I travel, much to the dismay of my teenage girls.  They usually moan and groan whenever I attempt these pleasantries but I am convinced that locals really do appreciate it when you make an effort so I plough on and it has led to many a hilarious Read more [...]Read More

M is for Murrukku

krithiskitchen.blogspot.com Murrukku is a deep fried Indian snack which is made from rice and lentil flour.  There are sweet and savory varieties and murrukku, as reflected by it's shape, means twisted in the Tamil language. Growing up, my brothers would always bring murrukku home for my mom from their trips to the outdoor Read more [...]Read More

L is for Laksa, Sarawak Laksa

Anthony Bourdain There are predominantly two common kinds of laksa in Malaysia.  A curry laksa which is a coconut curry soup with noodles and the Penang Asam laksa which is a sour fish soup with noodles. Sarawak laksa (named after the state of Sarawak in Malaysia) lies somewhere in between.  The base is made from Read more [...]Read More